Thursday, April 5, 2012

I know, I know....

How horrible of me to be so distant over such a special time... So much has happened since I last posted... I turned 21, had a bg bash and now... I opened a savings account. This 'adult' thing is happening far to quickly for my liking.

My 21st was AMAZING! as soon as I get the photos from the photographer, I'll do a whole post on it. It was the best party i could have hoped for. And everything was perfect, my dress, my shoes, the guests, my cake, the decor, the photographer, my make up.... I'm so excited to share more with you!!

These are just some of the gift I recieved...

Turns out I LOVE cupcakes, hahaha! and scarves... In fact I'm wearing one right now.

My present to you, is that I found a e course that with help me make this blog amazing and then posts won't take weeks to happen. I'm startng soon, thing is i really need to study for a test I'm writing... This means, due to my professional procrastination skills, the blog will be amazing even sooner!!

Hugs & Kisses