Wednesday, January 15, 2014

not waving, but drowning

to say i've been feeling uninspired would be a gross understatement. as would be saying i've been feeling guilty about neglecting this blog. but music either inspires me or i am inspired to listen to/make music. the viciousness of the cycle is unending! until now. let's count blessings and find some inspiration.

firstly, i've moved along on my bucket list! hooray!

#38: have a photoshoot with my friends!

as it is not secret knowledge that i've been down, my good friends, Adele & Farrah organised a surprise photoshoot! they lured me away with the pretense of a exploratory saturday afternoon, which turned out to be a forest photoshoot for the 3 of us. hopefully pictures will emerge soon :)

but i hate to bore you with the menial details of my life, so i like to keep this about music. here's some tunes.

this song pretty much covers how i feel. plus James Arthur can SANG!!

 homegrown and pretty dope. gotta love some #matthewmole

 don't judge. this song is the catchiest thing since the flu. 

 more homegrown. these guys sound as good as OneRepublic!!

do me a solid, and if you listen to only one of these tracks, let it be the last. these guys deserve some recognition!


xx T

PS, happy new year ;)