Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday Sweetness

Exams are done, I'm home, and I have time for fun!!

Let's begin....

Be with somebody that makes you happy.

Summer, she is a comin'
xx T

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Another cover!!

So, I definitely need an actual video camera, but until then, here is another cover I just threw together :):)

Hahaha! Eish...
Also, I'm sorry for the lack of posts, my last exam is tomorrow night!!

xx T

Monday, November 12, 2012

My First Cover!!!

I did it!
I posted my first cover on YouTube!!
It's a cover of Florence + the Machine's Never Let Me Go...
Nail biting stuff!

xx T

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wednesday Wishlist: Monster Edition

Maybe it's because Christmas is next month, maybe it's just because I want a lot of things, whatever the reason, here comes a monster edition of things I want.

This is from Lovelee, in Kloof Street. Their boutique is lovely along with all their clothes. I want this whole rail. Rail included...
How cute?
This girls hair, man... It's so long. That's all I really want. Well, not really, but I do really want it... Not her hair, I want mine to be that long... Just felt the need to clarify...
This dress again... It's wonderful.
I want a Lomo carmera collection including all of these. Especially that turquoise Diana Mini... and the leopard one... and... and... well, you get the point...
Nutella Snack & Drink?? Why is this not available in my country? It's not, right? Otherwise, I need to get to that store IMMEDIATELY.
Wonderful outfit, wonderful specs, wonderful pic...
excuse me while i wipe up the drool off my laptop... xdzfcghjkl;
Turquoise All Stars?? Yes Pur-lease.
I want to be back in New York, back in Times Square... Gotta keep the dream alive!
Cute skirt, cute shoes, cute bag...
If we celebrated Halloween, this would be happening.
If I had this outfit and somewhere to wear it, I would wear the crap out of it to that place/event.

A miniature grand piano!! How cute!!
I have ALWAYS wanted one of these! So epic!!
I wish every girl knows that they're beautiful and doesn't feel the need to do stupid things to fit into societies idea of pretty.
Yep... That's about it...
Posts will be scarce as I enter into my exam season...

xx T

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Hello hello!!

Celebrating Movember :{D

So, here are a few tracks that are rocking my socks right now :)

Ne Yo's Let Me Love You got me dancing and jamming out. And I always love to dance & jam out :)

Ed Sheeran singing Jessie J's Who You Are. So much favourites going on here!! Love this song, love Ed, love Jessie, so much love.

This is a good friend of mine Christian Sittmann covering Damien Rice's Volcano. The boy is just TOO TALENTED!

Florence + the Machine's Never Let Me Go is currently on repeat in my head, on my phone and on my iTunes. It just gets me everytime...

Yoh, this get's me right in the sternum.. Adele singing Bonnie Raitt's I Can't Make You Love Me. Yoh....

I actually think i need to leave it at that...

I hope you enjoy these tracks as much as I do!!

xx T

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sunday Sweetness

Fun things! hooray! The internet is vast. Let me help you find the most wonderful random, yet wonderful things :)

#1: Movie poster trends. Do they exist? YESYESTHEYDO!

#2: Hipster Wedding. Need I say more... This post is the future :P

#3: I like you and you just liked my Facebook status. Ever had a crush? Ever? This post is the truth...

#4: In honour of the last Twilight installment, a Bad Lip Reading of Twilight.

#5: When Superheroes Meet Typography. What font would best represent your favourite superhero?

#6: Top 60 ghetto names. It's wonderful.

#7: Five Manifestos for the Creative Life.

#8: I want hair and swag like Amy from Karmin.

#9: 10 signs you're losing your mind. A woman is doing a crossword puzzle outside of Starbucks and you volunteer to help her finish. She is not into it. This does not stop you.

#10: Community in the BEST. This is why.

Hope you enjoyed!

xx T

#30: be in a flashmob

I did it! I have officially been in a flashmob!
After our final rehearsal, the choir went to do a flashmob in the bib (library). It was hilarious. It is now evident to me that choir peeps do not belong in the bib in groups of more than two. Everyone kept standing around in biggish groups, loudly whispering or giggling, clearly waiting for the signal.

Lindsay & I wandered into the Law section. It was terrifying. The books were bigger than my desk and a pin drop could be heard. Lindsay & I clearly didn't fit in there. All of a sudden a single voice started singing in the middle of the top floor. A few people looked up,annoyed, with a face saying, "switch your damn phone off!", but then all the girls joined it.

it was a beautiful. and fun. and lovely. i want to do another.

If you are ever offered the opportunity to be in a flashmob, DO IT!!!!


xx T

PS, my favourite flashmob moment is OBVIOUSLY from Modern Family
Cam's reaction is wonderful :)

Friday, November 2, 2012

November: Brain Pickings, Visual Edition

When did November get to the party? Who invited him? Well, might as well enjoy him while he's here....
November is MOVEMBER!! Grow a 'stache for cancer awareness!!

Okay, this is here coz it's a pretty dress and I like it... Good thing I had a salad for dinner....

So. Many. Cameras. So. Much. Happiness.... !!!

I want a puppy. So this will have to do for now. Enjoy it with me....

They don't call me T for nothing... Well, they might, but I'm not entirely sure who "they" are. Do there have to be boundries for these sorts of things?

Too much........ EPICNESS!! you thought I was gonna say ginger or something like such, well, no. Although.........

It's exams...... In which bottle are you swimming??

This is me. Ready for my exams. AWWWWWW YEAH. Roar!

So.... I'm really missing New York right now... I know there's no electricity (that's about it guys... I hope I'm not speaking too soon) but I really feel I wanna go back there and live there... Gotta start saving those pennies...

Right now, I feel so much like this little kitten. I'm so exhausted!! Will tell you why in a second...

Well, like I said beneath kitty, I'm exhausted... Didn't sleep much today, and I went and help kirsten with her art exhibition!! Was so COOL! I know the coolest people! But before I ramble on tiredly, let me keep my stories for another day!

xx T