Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Wishlist Wednesday!!

Denim shirt! I actually own this very shirt, but I LOVE the blazer. Yes please. Please???

Chokes on own drool.

SUPER CUTE OUTFIT from WARDROBE. Their shiz is AMAZING. I want it all.
I have relatively average vision. Okay, I have very poor sight. So, this is charming in an ironic kinda way for me. Oh balls, I really am becoming a hipster...

Super cute notebook! I can never have too many notebooks... never......

This needs to get on my bed immediately.

wantwantwantwantwant if you're wonder the chair or the wall artBOTH.

pretty patterns. so gorgeous. get in my closet...

Let's face it, Obama is cool. Like, cooler than cool. Like cooler than ice cold. I'm not American and I think he's the shiz...

The colour. The style. The lack of it in my wardrobe (weeps bitterly)

I wish I had this body and this confidence. The woman is golden, yo...

Feed me books!!! More and more and more!!

I saw this picture and started craving cherries. Fresh cherries. Pretty sure that would rock my socks...

I want cute moments like this and somebody running after me with an amazing camera to document it all. Every single shot looking amaze-balls. That is want I want.
But most of all, I want a bug free summer... That's not true. It is very high up on the list though... Especially with a fat moth flying around my room. Urgh, moths are NASTY creatures.... I'm certain if I don't get him out he will eat my face while I sleep... So, here I go...

xx T

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Handfuls of owls, because, really, why not?
It's been a while since I did one of these posts... Basically do yourself a favour and give these songs a listen...

First up we have Gangs of Ballet... Definitely one of my new favourite South African artists. Fresh and catchy and just really, really good music. Bought their EP yesterday... They're going places...

Next up is Kimbra... Right after the interview she does an AMAZING rendition of Settle Down. So LEGIT. I think she's super cool and quite talented :P I also like the fact that she's from New Zealand, something new, you know?

Ed, oh Ed... Ed Sheeran is a beast with just his guitar, a loop pedal and a HUGE TALENT. Love this track and pretty much everything he does.

Karmin. I love their vibe... Especially Amy, she rocks that awesome 'do and always has fun when she's performing... 

Anyhoo, Hope you enjoy these jams as much as I do!

xx T

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Step #1

I've done it. My first step towards making my dreams come true. I have made YouTube channel for my upcoming band, Hott Potta Coffee.

In other news, did you know that I am part of a team that is ranked #1 in the world? That's right!! Stellenbosch University Choir is officially ranked the best choir in the world. I am so proud to be part of that team!!
Speaking of USK, last night was koorbal, choir ball. Oh my, it was fun, and AMAZING! I won Indian of the year... Let's just leave that there shall we... It was so wonderful to jam out with all my wonderful choir peeps!

Tomorrow is our first last show. It's so emotional...

I know this is just a measly update, but it's all I have for now...

xx T

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Inner Thoughts & Tidbits

Confession: I'm pretty certain I am studying the wrong thing and at this pointin my life I feel like there's not much I can do to turn it around... That being said, I have always been a firm believer in never being too old to dream. As I sit in my childhood bedroom, listening to jazzed up versions of Christmas carols from the nightclub down the road, the dreams I had in this bedroom are ever clearer... Even if it's small gigs, I want to sing. I want to sing my lungs out even if it's for tiny groups of scattered people who barely notice...

Okay. That's been said and now I'd like to share things with you... Just a few tidbits... Tanica's Tidbits if you will :)

  • read: When I'm feeling like this (^), it's important to remind myself of some of life's moving moments... Here's a list of 50 of them. Worth a read. How many do you identify with... I pretty much agree with the whole list
  • read: I saw this Body Shop ad a while back and it's true. You're not a supermodel... (unless you are, in which case, good on ya girl...) Here's a letter Zooey Deschanel (LOVELOVELOVE) wrote to a magazine when she was seventeen years old... The girl seriously had it going on. Respect.
  •  watch: Plenty of my friends say that I'm a hipster. Maybe this music video of a song called Thrift Shop (that I love) means they're right, find out for yourself... I think it's HILARIOUS!
  • watch: This TV show presenter calls out her bully on air. Prepare for goosebumps, chicken skin, the works. I have major respect for her and her message.
  • look: Despite what I said in the beginning, I do love science and I love the fact that I'm a WOMAN in science... These are some posters made for better known women in science...

Anyhoo, mom's calling me for dinner (love coming home for the odd weekend)
Peace out!!

xx T

Friday, October 5, 2012

Flashback Friday: Harry Potter

Where am I? Where have I been? And what have I done?? Goodness it has been too long...
I'm back, I'm back and let's dive right back in... Today I'd like to focus on something that made growing up a delight... HARRY POTTER :)

TINY RON!!! How adorable!!
Love Hermione's bushy hair :) giving girls the courage to be smart... Pure Class
Do I really need to say anything??
I have this poster design on a T-shirt. It's had to be sewn together a few times as it's one of my favourites...

When it ended I was so emotional... I LOVE watching the old movies and I reread the books all the time...
Since I'm feeling really nostalgic, here's a song that really makes me feel nostalgic and happy and sad at the same time... I've really been quite emotional this week. Hopefully that'll all clear up now that all my tests are done...

And there will come a time, you'll see, with no more tears.
And love will not break your heart, but dismiss your fears.
Get over your hill and see what you find there,
With grace in your heart and flowers in your hair.

xx T