Thursday, March 22, 2012

Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy...

Excuse the title, it's the first song I listened to this morning... I know I have not posted like I said I would, I've just been quite depressed for some reason... I had such a horrible day yesterday, and then to top it all off, somebody stuck their hands hrough my window while I was in the kitchen last night. Stole about R200... And then, this morning at bootcamp, I got some weird shin splitz injury thing and I have sit with ice on and off for the rest of the day. I can't belive how this week is going... I'm just holding on for dear life for next week...

Wherever  you are, I sincerely hope you're having a better end to a better week

xoxo T

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Photo time!

Hello! Today is a public holiday! It's Human Rights Day... and ,clearly, I have the right to relax. I wrote a test yesterday, and have another one on Friday, but I can't bring myself to study... blegh... Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I went out last night,  which brings me to my picture...

I had so much fun editing this! These are some of my best friends, two of whom I went out with last night. On this public holiday, I would just like to be thankful that I have friends like these...
I did the editing on They have so many cool features, go and check it out!

xoxo T

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Late already!

Hahaha! I said I would post a photo a day and ALREADY I'm late! What a noob, sorry...

Here's my photo for Monday:
So, yesterday I started, with one of my housemates, this pragramme called Adventure Bootcamp. Basically, I get up at 05h30 to be ready to workout bootcamp style at 06h00. It seems ridiculous, but it's SO WORTHWHILE! I'm going to get fit and look completely awesome for my trip to the States in june!
My goals include: to get fit enough to go for a run without dying (a marathon is not withing my initial set of goals). to lose weight. to lose cm's!
I should post a before pic and then eventually an after, but that intimidates me, so I'll ather tell you how much I've lost eventually.

xoxo T

Sunday, March 18, 2012

New feature!

This is just something I thought of to keep me posting often and to do it by incorporating something that I love...
A photo a day :) So basically I'll share a photo everyday of something that happened that day, or something I thought about that day or somthing that shows how I felt that day. It can be anything, a photo I've taken myself or not. I'm very excited to be sharing more about me and more about my goals, so I hope you enjoy :)

Photo #1;
I thought this would be a good place to start... This is me when I was little... As you know, I have been preparing for my 21st birthday, and today I have just looked back on the journey I've taken. I've come a long, long way from that little girl, but, as cliched as it sounds, she still live inside of me.
I really am just a little kid. I cry easily, laugh and play alot and I love with my whole heart.
In my heart I know I have big things for me coming soon, but I really wanna hang on to little me... I hope she can come along...

Anyhoo, enough nostalgia,
xoxo T

I found it!!!!

I found it! The dress of my dreams!! In my last post I spoke about wanting to find a cute, off-white, vintage inspired dress for my 21st... Well, here it is :):)

Here she is, will take some wondeful photo's of it on sometime!

My shoe to go with my gorgeous dress.
Theys together so nicely!
Wonderful vintage fabric!
Dress of my dreams! So happy!!

Also, I got some really cute teapots for centrepieces! Everything is coming together, even though my mom and I had a huge fight... But, it's all sorted, thank goodness! I'll share some more photo's soon!

xoxo T

Friday, March 16, 2012

Getting there...

Yes! I'm getting there! As in, posting often... I know, I completely suck at the moment, but soon I will get better...
In other news, it is exactly 12 days till my birthday! My 21st birthday! For my family, that's quite a big deal... There's usually a big family gathering of auties and uncles and friends. And that's exactly what my mother is busy planning... Hahaha, she's behaving like it's her 21st! It drives me a little crazy at times, no, a lot crazy, but I know it's coz she loves me and wants to give me the party I've always wanted!
The theme for my 21st is "Keep it bright. Just for tonight. No Black. No White." I'm so excited to see everybody I know dressed up all brightly :D So, I have my shoes already (take a look at my previous post), but no dress!! Sigh, I'm hoping to go look this weekend! I'm looking for a cute, off white, vintage inspired dress... Can anybody help me?!?

I'm also thinking up some feature ideas for my baby blog, no not a blog about any babies, but my baby, this blog...

Will keep you posted on the happenings of my simple life <3

xoxo T

PS: How cute is this idea for a photo corner:

Monday, March 5, 2012

A Shoe Box of Instagram Lovin'

 Since I've been gone for such a long time, I thought I'd cath you up on the little adventures I've been getting up to... Above was taken at a Holiday Club I do back home in the holidays... This little girl is soooo happy it makes my heart want to burst!
 This was taken at a friends 21st, I was laughing sooooo hard! What good times! My 21st is soon! In under a month actually! Eeeek! Will keep you posted on all the little details and more pictures!! :):)
 This was taken while I was driving around with my parents. We were on the way home from a little mall nearby... It reminds me so much of home... When I was little and was driving around with my parents I was amazed by the road signs and as soon as I could read would recognise the familiar ones. :)
 This is me and my lovely at the beach... This past holiday we decided every Monday would be Beach Monday. Beast. Idea. Ever.
 This is my 21st shoe!!! It is magnificent and beautiful and everything I ever wanted in a shoe... except maybe comfortable... But I'll survive :D My theme is keeping it bright, and these shoes fit the part perfectly!
 This is my favourite photo of me and my lovely! We were at my favourite resturant in Cape Town, Panchos! What a wonderful memory!
 This is of me, my boyfriend and his boyfriend... If you ever wanted to witness a true bromance, Wesley is the man to follow, he's got a few going on! But, Kyle Scott is the man, so I like being around him every now and again myself :)
 Another one of Wesley's brofriends... And we're having Magarita's again!
 This is me and my mama going to watch SA vs Sri Lanka cricket at Boland park! It was too hot that day!!
 This is the gorgeous view while the sun was setting at Boland Park :) SA FTW!
 Fay Kay!! This is my best friend in the whole world! I love her so much! She lives in Cape Town so I don't get to see her very often, but I think of her everyday! We went shopping in Cape Town that day, ended up feeding squirrels and having a picnic... Perfection <3
 These are my new shorts... I think they're very cute... That's all :)
Last but not least, my sisters from different misters... These lovely ladies make my heart happier than a bird with a french fry <3

I'm still trying to figure out a catch phrase so for now I'm just gonna say I hope you enjoyed catching up!
<3 me :)

So new at this whole thing

So, I have been checking out some blogs and I'm so in love with all of them... They're bright and so organised and cool... I, on the other hand, am a blog-loser... But, in the same sentiment, I will now try and get better at this whole thing and try and make my blog the way I envision it... Not that anybody really reads thhis (yet), but 'll be changing and all sorts of stuffs... Anybody keen to help, let me know! :)