Monday, June 10, 2013

Some Marley for your Monday

I've been struggling to get into work mode today, and so I turned to some Damian Marley, naturally. Everybody needs some Damian Marley every now and then... Even you...

Alicia Keys does great version of this in her Unplugged session.

That's all for now...
Good luck for the rest of the week!

xx T

Sunday, June 9, 2013

2 more off of the bucket list!!


I've been so busy I haven't even realised until now that I can scratch off two things from my bucketlist!!

#41: Own an iPhone
I bought myself (ie, my dad went half) on my very first iPhone for my birthday more than a month ago! And in that time, it's been dropped and the screen smashed, and I fixed it all on my own, no help from the rents, which I consider a HUGE step.

#45: Receive an actual letter in the mail.
Thanks to AMMIE!! She's being all cool in Detroit and she sent me a letter! How amazing is this chick?? I've written my reply and have a special surprise to send along with it. But like everything in my life, it's a touch delayed. Sorry, Am-Star, promise it'll get there soon!

Thought I'd share the news! :)

xx T

A (delayed) Review: The 20/20 Experience - Justin Timberlake


Wow. So, Justin's new album The 20/20 Experience has been out for awhile, but it hasn't been out of my head for one second. Justin has jumped right back into the niche that nobody could fill while he was gone. The album is fresh and sexy and makes me pull my stank face all too often!
  And let's just all agree that the black and white is working très well, along with that slick hairstyle....
Having struggled with poor vision all my life, to sound corny, this has gotten me seeing all to clearly :P
Although, I must admit it has always been a bit of a pet peeve of mine when artists (Justin is especially guilty of this) include interludes in the actual track. Don't do that! But that aside the album is a stand out for me. Maybe it's just the suit and tie. Probably not though...

Stand out tracks include Pusher Love Girl (recently covered by my other fave, Pentatonix), Suit & Tie, Don't Hold the Wall (esp for that Eastern flair) and Let the Groove Get In (get out of your chair! this jam JAMS).
Not a fan of Blue Ocean Floor, but I won't skip it (everytime)...
New single Mirrors is a tad out of touch for me. Sick beat, yet I find the lyrics a smidgen corny. But it's growing on me...

All in all, I would like to extend a very warm and gracious welcome back to JT, and please, please stay a while...

xx T