Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sunday Stuffs

Hello! Just gonna share some goodies :)

Amy gets super passionate when she raps here. It's tres cool! I love it when girls rap well. And it's ACOUSTIC!! Totes legit!

I'm turning 22 on Thursday! I'm officially (in my mind) a twenty-something, so Thought Catalog is perfect for me. Here's one on 15 ways 20-somethings ruin their twenties. It's quite accurate looking :)

Always Ed. Sighs.

This gif.

Another Karmin cover. But for completely different reasons. This just touches my soul... I hope you enjoy it...

Maybe not all, but defos these two...

Tears. This song. Gets me. Right there.

To end off on a funky note :):)

Have a good week!!
xx T

Monday, March 4, 2013


Yes, it's been long, but if I had male anatomy, honours would be crushing it.
So, now that I had a spare moment, I thought I'd bombard you with wonderful gifs. Above: Daily Grace at her classiest... Below: Mamrie Hart + Harry Potter puns = happiness 

Speaking of harry potter epic-ness...........
Pinned Image 
^^^Simply glorious...

Onto bigger and better things... (not really better though)

Time to get some Organic Synthesis on! Whooooppp:(:(

xx T