Wednesday, June 29, 2016

2016, where are you going?

So, the two weeks that make up 15-30 June is my half year analysis time. I like to look back on the goals I set in the beginning of the year and make sure I'm actually still working towards them. Mainly because it's not too late (I hope).

Here are my goals for 2016 (and my progress/reaction):
- Lose 20kg (ahahahahaahhaaaa!!)
- Have more financial security (*more hysterical laughter*)
- Get a job (WHAT WAS I THINKING??)
- RUN 5km (okay, I'm actually closer to this than I thought I would be)
- Graduate (SO. CLOSE.)
- Learn to do bomb make-up (I mean, I'm pretty pleased with what I've managed so far)

*three of my favourite looks this year #humble*

Wow. I have really not done as much as I thought I have. This is a wake up call and a half. But, you know what else? I STILL HAVE TIME.

Okay, maybe if I put my resolutions on the interwebs, then maybe I'll actually follow through with them *sweat bead emoji*

Here goes:
- Walk my beautiful dogs as often as possible (good for the dogs AND me)
- Eat as healthily as possible (I will be realistic AND still try for the best)
- DRINK MORE WATER (winter means I drink more coffee. My skin hates me for it.)
- Check email everyday & respond IMMEDIATELY (I'm scared)
- Journal (maybe I should add blog bc this is basically an online public journal)
- Save money (for the love of all that is good & sweet, Tanica, save some damn money)

Surely I can do these things? I have six months to achieve my goals. You have six months to achieve yours too. Six months is both a long time and no time at all, so let's get on it and make 2016 count.

That's all for now :)

xx T