Friday, November 14, 2014


So.... When I started this blog, like, a million years ago, I was far too confused about life and what I wanted and, seeing as I had no clue what I wanted, I had no idea how to get to the end. Cue my song These Shoes.

This song is basically how I have no idea what to do with my childhood dreams of being a musician, but stuck in the science field because of insecurities, right? I mean, look, it's a terrible rendition on an old guitar, but mainly, the song was INCOMPLETE. I was so lost I couldn't even finish a song about being lost.

No, don't worry, this isn't a post about how lost I still am (secret: I am still flipping lost lol), but rather how I'm slowly finding direction. That's good right?

Anyhoo... Let's get back to this rebrand talk.... So, I titled my blog Runnin' With Wolves (RunninG was taken lol) because I wanted it to be about how I was trying to keep up with the big dogs in the industry of my dreams. But instead I let my dreams remain just that. For two years. I had done nothing but dream. Dream may be verb, but it's a useless one. Other actions are a necessity.

So, basically this blog is gonna turn more towards what those other actions are... :D Hooray! Actions! So, I play at open mic nights now and stuff and I'm saving up towards getting proper recording stuff.

Here I am smashing #31 on my bucketlist!!

#31: perform at an open mic

Aanklas 01 November 2014 to be exact. A new journey, here we go! :D

But in the mean time. Here's my new idol. I love this woman. She's beautiful and telented and just everything I wanna be. I sound super creepy but yolo. Enjoy!

xx T