Monday, April 29, 2013

Why do I blog?

Why do I blog? I ask myself this question everytime I think about this blog. Do I really have anything of relevance to say that could affect that many people? Do I actually think that whatever I have to say is of any actual relevance? I think, sometimes, that blogging is one of the most vain things we do as a generation... Putting our thoughts on the world wide web thinking it is surely profound.

But then I picked up the latest Times magazine's 100 most influencial people of today issue and I wonder... For some, yes, they always knew they were going to hit the top level, but, surely, not all of them. Some of them must think, "me?"
Wouldn't it be fantastic if, in a number of years, I look back at this post and I look at the Times magazine of that time, and I see myself.

The only way I can really make in impact if I believe I can.

So I will.

xx T

Monday, April 8, 2013

Exam Blues

Tomorrow is my first post-grad exam and there are two things bugging me, beside the lack of knowledge in my head.

#1. I can't stop telling people that it's an EXAM and not a test. Weird. I want to correct people. And that's so pretentious. What is happening to me?!

#2. Why am I busy writing this blog post when I should be sleeping and if I'm not sleeping, I should at least be studying! It's as if my body and brain are both working in tandem to make sure I fail this exam so that I no longer have to subject myself to this torture.

I've realised that I want to go sing on a cruise. I don't need to know about Fourier Transformations if that's what I want to do... Why?????
Also, I feel super bad for being a shitty blogger at times and then I come here and write things like this... Ai, T... Ironic.

I'm going to force myself to sleep now...

xx T