Saturday, October 9, 2010

It's Britney, bitch...

Yes... I am a Gleek, so that means I watched the "Britney/Brittany" episode. AND LOVED IT! It got me thinking... I used to love Britney's music and caught myself singing along to all the songs. I then proceeded to download all her old music and surprise myself by knowing ALL the words.

I then downloaded other 'oldies', Anastasia, old Avril Lavigne, Nelly Furtado, Nsync...  And found that I knew all of those words too. On the first play!

The reason this interests me is because, play me today's music, and I can barely sing along with the chorus...

Is it the music of today or the 'me' of today.

Primary school was such a different time, but why should it be any different to now? Why don't I enjoy my music anymore?

Let's take the time out to listen to the words of the music, hear the melody...
And enjoy it... That is my goal for the week, how about making it yours?

happyness is dancing to the music*

Friday, September 24, 2010

End of Harry Leaves Me Deathly Hollow

Aahh.... The end of an era approaches... I just watched the trailer for part one of the epic finale of Harry Potter:

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part One

I almost want to cry when I think of a world that will grow up without Harry and his friends, my friends. It's even sadder than a world without the twin towers here in Cape Town.

Harry, my dear, dear friends.... I have known you all your life, we have been friends for a long time... Don't leave me in this world where imagination is running dry. Where children no longer have imaginary friends, but technological friends on mxit and twitter and facebook. Stay with us a bit longer and help the youth imagine a world where magic is real and among us.

Aaahhh well... Hopefully there will be somebody to follow after you, not quite fill your shoes, but erase our minds of Miley Cyrus and all that other gunk...

Farewell my friend...

** so now that my sob party is done.... I'm soooooo excited to watch the mooooovie!! Whoop! If I have time between all my tests and studying I plan to reread the book!

So get your diaries out everybody, 17 November, Harry hits the big screen (and maybe in 3D too!), We must commemerate the day imagination begins to die a little

<3 :) *

Hmmm... New Beginnings

Wow... I actually did it. I actually created a blog. I always dreamt of this moment... Is that loser-ish? Well whatever... Chances are nobody is ever goning to read this, so I intend on bearing almost all. Okay so let's get somethings out of the way:
I have the most amazing, wonderful boyfriend! I love him dearly... But we have our moments and for the sake of his identity, let's call him Mr. Big Heart (I've just finished watching all six seasons of Sex and the City. In a very short space of time, so excuse me if it all seems exceptionally familiar).
I am a second year student at the University of Stellenbosch and I live in residence there. I enjoy likening my life to that of Carrie Bradshaw... Her New York is my Stellenbosch... I wish my life were as interesting as hers too... unfortunately, I don't think I've quite reached that milestone of excitement that is her life. But then again, I am 19, and she is double my age in the end.

I love many things, and a long time ago, writing used to be one of them. I am hoping to rekindle this love of mine and perhaps see my life through a clearer lense in the end of it. And all of you (lol) who read this, are lucky enough to enjoy that journey with me...

So remember, happyness is a cupcake*