Thursday, September 15, 2016

BucketList #93

I did it! I reached a goal! I've scratched out something on my bucketlist and it feels GREAT.

#93: Have more than 999 followers on Twitter

Maybe it seems trivial to you. Who cares about followers? It's not really about that for me either. But it's nice to know your voice is heard and that there are people out there that suffered, I mean, share the same experiences you do. People who can identify with you.

In a world that focuses so much on being a strong individual, we can forget how nice it is to have a community backing you up. And before you preach about the Internet, shhhhhh. Don't. Nobody cares. It's 2016. The world has changed from the times you used to write letters to your penpal in Australia, and then go play cricket with your friends in the road.  That "meet people in real life" line is the world's most stupid argument. I mean, I can do both, can't you?

If you wanna chat about it, then come find me in person. Or follow me on Twitter at @maestro_tee.

Which one is easier? Hmmm??

I hope September is treating you MUCH better than it's treating me.

xx T

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