Friday, February 21, 2014

#63: own a onesie

i get to scratch off something off my bucketlist!!

me, rocking my onesie
#63: own a onesie

I had told myself a while ago that if I had managed to win the approval of a particular institution, I would buy myself a onesie. See, it was always an aspiration to own one. Last week, I stopped waiting for the approval of the world and just bought the damn thing. Yes, I got judged and I had to promise people I wouldn't wear it outside the house (jokes on those people, I'ma wear it to their house), but I bought it to make myself happy.


Everybody should own one, it's the most comfortable you will ever be!!

I can't wait for winter, I will be rocking that thing EVERYDAY!! (except GTL days of course)

So, go on, do something that makes you happy! And if you're not sure what that might be, it's probable buying yourself a onesie :D

xx T

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